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Ski and Snowboard Tune-ups!

MyBike now offers ski and snowboard tuning services! 

We will be waxing and sharpening skis and snowboards all by hand to give you the best tune (humanly) possible! 
Our tune consists of a base and side edge rust removal and sharpening that gets finished off with the finest of diamond stones to keep you from sliding out on that pesky east coast ice! On top of that, we will be waxing with a hot iron (instead of a machine) to allow your skis (or snowboard) to absorb the most wax to keep you going as fast as you can handle! We have wax for all sorts of varying conditions, so let us know where your planning your trip and we'll make it right for you. Minor base-repair is also a service we will be offering so if you've got some nasty gouges that need a little help, we can handle that too! 
Our head technician has years of experience specializing in ski and snowboard repair, so if you have any questions on what you might need.

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