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MyBike Membership Update and Changes Fall 2014

As we continue to grow our business, we need to make changes to better serve our expanding customer base.   Our biggest decision and change will be the phasing out of our concierge (pickup/drop-off service). Current members will still be eligible for free concierge service until their memberships expire (members signed up between October 21, 2013 and October 20, 2014).    We will still offer our popular 1 Year Membership packages with some notable changes.   Here is the new breakdown of the Memberships:   Pro Membership ($120): - 3 Complete Tune Ups (1 Bike) - 15% off all parts,..  - Read More

Use AAA to Get Your Bike to MyBike

AAA members of Southern New England who need roadside assistance with their bike, can now have their bike brought to MyBike or any other destination within AAA's coverage area. Pretty cool, huh? What this means is if you get a flat, broken chain, or any experience any other issue that makes your bike unridable, you can simply call AAA to have your bike brought to our shop. If you're a MyBike Member, your bike can then be returned to your house or workplace once the repairs are made, through our pick-up an delivery Concierge Service.       - Read More

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