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Breaking Down Bike Brakes

What kind of brakes should I have on my bike? There are so many different styles of brakes out there for bicycles, all with there appropriate application. Where, when, and how you are riding are the questions you want to ask yourself when figuring this out.  The most common brake styles you may come across in your quest for the perfect bike are V-Brakes, Disc Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Cantilever Brakes, and the always popular "coaster brake". Heres a list of applications most appropriate for each style:   The V-Brake This brake is probably the most commonly used brake on the..  - Read More

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Which Noise = Which Repair

Scuffing/ Scrapping When I'm Pedaling: yes When I'm Not Pedaling: no When I Squeez The Brake: n/a When I'm Not squeezing the brake: n/a Diagnosis: Your chain is  probably rubbing on the front derailure. This could be because the derailure needs to be adjusted. The fix: Derailure adjustment. Another possibility is that one of the chain rings is bent. The fix: replace that chain ring. In somecases all three chain rings and the crank arm are one unit. (cheaper equipment is sometimes rivited or pressed together rather than bolted.) Scuffing/ Scrapping When I'm Pedaling: yes When I'm Not Pedaling: yes..  - Read More

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