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Ski and Snowboard Tune-ups!

MyBike now offers ski and snowboard tuning services!  We will be waxing and sharpening skis and snowboards all by hand to give you the best tune (humanly) possible!  Our tune consists of a base and side edge rust removal and sharpening that gets finished off with the finest of diamond stones to keep you from sliding out on that pesky east coast ice! On top of that, we will be waxing with a hot iron (instead of a machine) to allow your skis (or snowboard) to absorb the most wax to keep you going as fast as you can handle! We..  - Read More

Winter Overhaul Special

Is your bike in need of some love this winter? Want to get it back in shape for the Spring? Bring it into the MyBike shop for our annual Bicycle Overhaul Special. Originally $125, now just $85! Whats Included: Complete cleaning of the bike frame and components Wheel truing Wheel hub bearings cleaned and repacked Headset disassembly, cleaning and repacking of bearings Bottom Bracket removal, cleaning and repacking of bearings Complete drive train cleaning (Crankset, cassette and chain) Removal and cleaning of derailleurs Installation of new cables Proper tire inflation Proper lubrication Gears and brakes adjusted Any extra parts and components..  - Read More

When should I get a bike tune-up?

There are a few characteristics about your bike that can let you know very easily whether or not its time to get your bike tuned up.    It is getting more and more difficult to stop If you find you are squeezing your brake levers until they just about touch your handlebars to come to a complete stop, this could be an indication that your brake pads are worn down and should be replaced ASAP. Not only can worn-out brake pads be extremely unsafe, they can also cause severe damage to your wheels. Over time, brake pads get all sorts..  - Read More

Repair & Safety Classes!

Repair and safety classes are back for year two at MyBike! Our classes are geared towards all bike riders and cover some basic bike repairs as well as bike safety tips while navigating the Bean. Classes will be taught by Master Technician Addison in our shop at 391 W Broadway.   Our classes are engaging, hands on, and fun. So register online or in our store today.    Register:  - Read More

Spring Bike Season in Boston

 We suggest to our MyBike Repair Members and all of our customers to get a spring tune up

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