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Use AAA to Get Your Bike to MyBike

AAA members of Southern New England who need roadside assistance with their bike, can now have their bike brought to MyBike or any other destination within AAA's coverage area. Pretty cool, huh? What this means is if you get a flat, broken chain, or any experience any other issue that makes your bike unridable, you can simply call AAA to have your bike brought to our shop. If you're a MyBike Member, your bike can then be returned to your house or workplace once the repairs are made, through our pick-up an delivery Concierge Service.       - Read More

SouthieCycles - A Note From the Founders

Hi There! My name is Laura. I moved to Southie 11 years ago, and my husband Steve moved here when we got married in 2008. Steve and I bonded over our love of cycling (and good wine) and are constantly on the lookout for novel routes. But like all of us, we have jobs and kids and hectic lives and we tended to fall back on just a few standard routes after work and on weekends. It got boring. We even joined various cycle clubs over the years - but they all had inconvenient starting points, nearly impossible to reach..  - Read More

Breaking Down Bike Brakes

What kind of brakes should I have on my bike? There are so many different styles of brakes out there for bicycles, all with there appropriate application. Where, when, and how you are riding are the questions you want to ask yourself when figuring this out.  The most common brake styles you may come across in your quest for the perfect bike are V-Brakes, Disc Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Cantilever Brakes, and the always popular "coaster brake". Heres a list of applications most appropriate for each style:   The V-Brake This brake is probably the most commonly used brake on the..  - Read More

Finding the Perfect Bike

Q: I want to get a new bike, but I have no idea what kind of bike to get. How do I figure out what the appropriate bike is for me?   A: The first and most important question I always ask customers is WHERE they will be riding this bike the most. There are lots of different styles of bikes and they all shine on different terrain. To get you started in the right direction, here is a list of a few bike types and what they are best suited for:   Mountain Bike - A mountain bike will..  - Read More

Winter Bike Riding Tips

Q: I ride my bike year-round. How can prepare my bike for winter riding?   A: Winter can be tough on a bike (as well as the person riding it), but there are a few ways to make your ride a lot easier, safer, and warmer.    Tires: A set of tires with a more aggressive tread can go a long way in the winter. These increase your traction on snowy/icy conditions as well as give you more cushion on the cracks and potholes that are more prevalent during the snowplow filled winter months.   Fenders: Having a strong set..  - Read More

Fuji Bikes in Stock

We have Fuji bikes with lot's of options for every type of rider.   Casual Rider For the easy-going, casual biker we have the Fuji Crosstown with a low step-thru frame for easy mounting.     The Commuter For the All-Season urban commuter we have the Fuji Traverse, built with a front shock (with lock-out option) and an aggressive 700c tire made for any and all weather conditions.   Distance Rider Going the distance? Our Fuji Touring is built to last and will get you there fast.   The Standard Rider Looking for the perfect Hybrid? Come take a test..  - Read More

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