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Q: Can I order over the phone? 
A: Absolutely! Just call 617-202-9720 Monday through Friday 10am-6pm. If you get our voicemail, leave a message so we can return your call.

Q: Is your ordering process secure? 
A: We have a secure checkout process. You can check this by looking for the 'https' in the address bar once you start the checkout process. 

Q: What if I have questions after I reserve a bike? 
A: Give us a call so we can walk you through your question. Make sure to call during business hours. 

Q: How long until I can get a bike? 
A: It takes at least 1 business days for us to deliver a bike. If you reserve a bike today, but want it delivered sometime in the future we can do that for you as well because it guarantees that you will have a bike. 

Q: When does my credit card get charged? 
A: Once you submit your order your card is only charged for the first month. Once your bike is delivered it will be charged every 30 days, until the bike is returned. 

Q: How much is charged to my card when you process my information? 
A: You are only charged for the first month. Every 30 days your card will automatically be charged until the bike is returned. 

Q: How does the free maintenance work? 
A: We give you one free limited on-site maintenance request every 30 days. To request a repair visit email us at and detail what needs to be done to the bike. It takes at 72 hours to schedule an on-site repair visit. Free maintenance does not include flat tire repair, lost/damaged accessories, and/or lost/damaged parts. 

Q: Is much assembly required? 
A: All rental bikes are delivered 100% built. Bikes that are purchased are built as a curtosy to our customers, but not tuned. We strongly suggest taking the bike to a local bike shop to make sure everything with the bike is adjusted and tuned. You can also specify if you want your bike(s) delivered boxed (90% built). 

Q: Will your bikes fit me? 
A: If you are unsure, drop us a line and we can help. Generally speaking our bikes will fit anyone from 5'2"-6'1". 

Q: Do bikes come with locks and a helmet? 
A: We provide you with a chain and you provide the lock. We do not provide helmets. 

Q: What do you do about refunds? A: We only provide refunds for students who have a medical injury or are transferring schools. To get your refund we require a copy of a doctors note that details your injury or a copy of your schedule or transfer acceptance letter if you are switching schools. 

Q: What if my bike is stolen? 
A: If you bike is stolen or it is not returned to MyBike before the end of your rental term your credit card on file will be charged $99. If your credit card on file is rejected or cannot be processed, we will do everything in our power to collect the debt.      

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