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Jumping on board of MyBike’s revolutionary Membership program is probably the smartest thing you could do… from a bike repair standpoint that is. Our Membership program was designed to save you money on routine bike repair. 

We promise there is no catch, just a bunch of perks designed to save you money. The biggest perk about being a MyBike Member is for the next 365 days you should expect to NOT pay for routine bike repairs during the next 12 months. In the event that you have to come out of pocket, it will never be full price. Flat tire repairs, brake adjustments, and tune-up are all covered.  The second biggest perk is 365 days of free access to our Concierge Service. This service comes in handy when:

  • Your bike is not in riding condition
  • and you (a) don’t have a care (b) have a small car (c) don’t want to drive your car
  • You work a ridiculous schedule
  • You want to enjoy life (beach, movies, Red Sox game, etc.)
  • You do not feel like bringing your bike to the shop

Finally, the third biggest perk is the incredible value at an incredible price. Don’t worry about how we make this work, just abuse the system. 


The moment you got this email your Membership was activated. Once your bike comes into the shop for the first time we will issue you a Membership card. For repairs that require new parts and extra labor you will receive a 10%-20% discount on parts and lab depending on your Membership level. Before we do any extra work, we will always ask for your okay and give you some options. You pay for the repairs once they are finished. If you are not satisfied with the work, we'll do it until we get it right. 

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